My work is the result of a continuing struggle to establish a sense of place in a world where meaning shifts and memory fails. In my most recent work - the Sitcom paintings - I am returning to the space of my early childhood through the medium of television in the 1970's and 80's. The sets and the characters of these shows operate both as a kind of common vernacular to people of a certain era while also taking on a mythic quality of icons of the past. By re-contextualizing the imagery of these shows through the act of painting them, I'm able to reexamine some of the assumptions and meanings that are often assigned to 'low-brow' entertainment, finding deeper motives than trite narrative or dumb humor. Embracing nostalgia in this way can function as a kind of dreaming or idealization; playing with imagery that is familiar and identifiable but giving it new substance in intimations neglected or unseen. 

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